May 2011
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  1. Better Thinking Inside and Out: Behind the Scenes at “Kinect Adventures”
  2. Summer Spotlight on Sales: Webinar Reveals Whole Brain® Selling Strategies
  3. THINC™ Webinars: Your On-Demand Learning Library
  4. Upcoming Events: ASTD Virtual Conference, The Leadership Challenge Forum
  5. Product News: The Business of Thinking®: Buy One, Get One
  6. Recent News on Thinking and The Brain
  7. Upcoming Certification Workshops

The Herrmann International team checks in from ASTD 2011. Click on the image below to view the video.

Members of the Herrmann International team check in from the 2011 ASTD International Conference & Exposition and share some of the trends and hot topics they've been hearing about at the show. View the video.

Better Thinking Inside and Out: Behind the Scenes at “Kinect Adventures”

What if you could expand a product’s appeal beyond its narrow but very devoted fan base?

It’s a question many companies ask themselves, particularly as innovation becomes key to business growth, performance and competitiveness.

One of the most interesting recent examples is Kinect for Xbox 360. The groundbreaking Kinect sensor allows users to interact with and control the Xbox 360 using ordinary hand gestures and spoken commands. It’s an innovation that has widened the video game platform’s appeal beyond typical gamers to the broader consumer market. With a total of 8 million units sold in its first 60 days, Kinect for Xbox 360 now holds the Guinness World Record as “the fastest selling consumer electronics device.”

But Microsoft realized that to fully showcase the product's reach, Kinect would also have to ship with a game that was equally innovative and appealing to a broad consumer audience. Creating a game that would offer “something for everyone” would require rethinking the design process from the inside out.

As development began, the Good Science Studio within Microsoft Game Studios turned to Herrmann International’s Whole Brain® Thinking system because they were looking for one framework and approach they could apply both to the process as well as with the people involved – the internal development team members and the external world of potential customers.

From assembling the team and managing the idea generation and decision-making processes to understanding consumer preferences and capturing and filtering customer feedback, Whole Brain® methods and tools became the underlying principles for every aspect of the development of “Kinect Adventures,” the title that ships with Kinect for Xbox 360.

When Kinect for Xbox 360 was released last year, we gave you a high-level preview of the process the Good Science Studio team used in developing “Kinect Adventures.” A newly published case study (download the PDF) goes deeper behind the scenes to show you how this game became the first consumer product built from the ground up using the Whole Brain® system.

In the case study Shannon Loftis, head of the Good Science Studio team, notes that, from an internal standpoint, “It’s amazing how quickly we brought everybody together and got the product made and got it out the door.”

With Whole Brain® communication tools and processes, they were able to combine “wild creativity” with discipline and structure to get a greater range of ideas while keeping pace with an aggressive development schedule.

As for the customers, “The Whole Brain® framework has been incredibly useful,” says Loftis, “and now that the game is out in the marketplace, we’ve done quite a bit of benchmark testing. We’re getting feedback that the experiences are well balanced. You can find people with an equal level of passion around each one of the different types of experiences that we put in the game.”

The Studio is continuing to refine its processes and develop core principles to guide all decision-making going forward, from hiring to feature vetting to product and process goals.

“We want to make sure we have a set of principles we can apply not just to experiences but to things like process and people,” Loftis notes. “That’s part of what we learned from working with Herrmann International.”

While Microsoft Game Studios’ example shows how the Whole Brain® system can be used as a comprehensive approach for innovating the game development process, it’s a method that can be applied to virtually any organizational initiative, issue or goal.

Both inside and out, it’s a framework more and more innovative companies are using to outthink, outpace and outperform the competition. How are you using it to get better results? We’d love to hear your stories! Share them in our LinkedIn Group or email Jennifer Lyons at

> Download the case study: “Kinect Adventures:” Product Development for A Whole Brained World

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Summer Spotlight on Sales: Webinar Reveals Whole Brain® Selling Strategies

Heat up your sales this summer with our “Summer Spotlight on Sales.”

This summer we’ll be sharing best practices, learning nuggets and tools to help you integrate Whole Brain® Thinking into your sales processes, development strategies and communication approaches. You’ll hear about tips and solutions you can apply to help your sales team sell more, close deals faster, engage better with customers and build a strong pipeline.

We’re kicking off the series with a special recorded webinar that Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO of Herrmann International, developed for LB4G Consulting, a sales force productivity and consulting firm.

If you’ve ever wondered how sales people think, this is your chance to find out! Ann will reveal the typical profiles of sales professionals at all levels and share examples from organizations in a variety of industries that have used the Whole Brain® system to improve sales coaching, align selling styles with buyer profiles, reduce turnover, and meet and even exceed revenue goals.

Watch the webinar. (free registration required)

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THINC™ Webinars: Your On-Demand Learning Library

Want to know how some of the most progressive and successful organizations in the world are getting better results through better thinking? Interested in learning about the latest trends in Whole Brain® Thinking? Looking for best practice approaches you can apply in your organization?

Our comprehensive library of on-demand THINC™ Webinars gives you the inside track and practical take-aways for harnessing the organization’s brainpower to outthink, outpace and outperform the competition.

Covering a range of hot business topics including sales, leadership, assessments, mentoring, teamwork and generational diversity, the THINC™ Webinar series brings the experience and insights of seasoned HBDI® Practitioners and leading business professionals directly to your computer.

Access our online library of THINC™ Webinar recordings.

> Certified Practitioners Only: HBDI® Certified Practitioners can also download full distribution decks (PDF format) from previous THINC™ Webinars by logging into the Practitioners Area. All available webinars and PDF slides can be found in the Practitioner Resources section.

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Upcoming Events: ASTD Virtual Conference, The Leadership Challenge Forum

Learn how to apply the latest research on learning and the brain to develop solutions that get results and generate buzz.

Even if you were unable to attend the ASTD 2011 International Conference & Exposition in Orlando this year, you still have the opportunity to experience Ann Herrmann-Nehdi’s session, “Sticky or Stuck? Really Engage Learners’ Brains for Lasting Results.”

Ann's session has once again been selected as part of ASTD’s Virtual Conference agenda, which includes more than 60 on-demand sessions in addition to Ann’s, as well as four live webcasts.

During Ann's presentation you’ll learn how to use the best tool available – your learners’ brains – to develop and deliver learning that lasts, no matter how broad or diverse your audience.

The Virtual Conference will be available beginning June 15. Register for the ASTD Virtual Conference or order the Conference DVD.

On the Horizon:
The Leadership Challenge Forum 2011, Chicago
“It’s Not Left Brain or Right Brain, It’s Whole Brain®
Keynote by Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
Thursday, July 28 from 4:15-5:30 PM
Read more.

Be sure to check our Calendar for the latest event news.

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Product News: The Business of Thinking® Buy One, Get One

Take advantage of special, limited-time offers as part of our 30th anniversary celebration this year!

Now through June 30, 2011, HBDI® Certified Practitioners can purchase The Business of Thinking® participant workbooks at a special buy one, get one price – that’s two for $30 – with Coupon Code 2BOTsfor30.

With the Business of Thinking® Series, you’ll be able to put the brainpower of your organization to work for targeted business results.

The flexible, modular workshops bring Whole Brain® Thinking to your mission-critical business areas, increasing individual and organizational effectiveness for a direct bottom-line impact.

Participants get hands-on experience applying Whole Brain® Thinking skills to:

To receive the special buy one, get one price: Use Coupon Code 2BOTsfor30 when ordering online, or mention the code when ordering from Client Services (call 828-625-9153, option 6).

Hurry! This offer expires June 30!

NOTE: You must be an HBDI® Certified Practitioner to purchase the Business of Thinking® materials and have a signed License Agreement on file with Herrmann International for the module(s) you wish to purchase.

Clients outside the US and Canada, please contact your local Herrmann International representative for pricing.

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Recent News on Thinking and the Brain

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Upcoming Certification Workshops

You'll be integral in driving the Whole Brain® Advantage when you join the ranks of the Herrmann HBDI® Certified Practitioners.

Herrmann HBDI® Certification
June 14 – 17, Atlanta, GA
June 14 – 17, Surrey, UK

For detailed location and registration information, please email or call 800-432-4234 and select option 6 for Client Services.

Host a Dedicated Certification Workshop. When you host an internal dedicated certification workshop, your participants will explore the concepts, tools and skills necessary to deliver the HBDI® with individuals, pairs and teams in a learning environment that is tailored especially to their needs and the organization’s objectives.

If you are interested learning more about the benefits of a dedicated certification workshop, contact your Herrmann International representative.

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