September 2011
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  1. Whole Brain® Thinking: Use It or Lose Out!
  2. New White Paper Helps Sales Leaders Get Better Results From their People and Processes
  3. 4th Quarter Special: Free Consultation with a Herrmann International Expert
  4. Upcoming Events: Executive Breakfast, HRPS Fall Forum
  5. Recent News on Thinking and The Brain
  6. Upcoming Certification Workshops

Whole Brain® Thinking: Use It or Lose Out!

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In this new video lesson for the AthenaOnline MyQuickCoach Series, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi explains why the organizations that consistently outthink, outpace and outperform the competition are the ones that are effectively leveraging their mental resources. View the video.

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New White Paper Helps Sales Leaders Get Better Results From Their People and Processes

> Download the white paper: The Mind of Sales Leadership

There’s one word many sales leaders have used to characterize the business environment over the past several years: uncertainty. Where will the market be headed next, how will the economic and political climate impact the way business is conducted, what technological advances will affect us or our clients, how can we meet customer needs faster and more effectively than our competitors?

This uncertainty on its own is difficult enough, but the issue is compounded further by a sales environment of growing competition, increased demands by the leadership team, longer and more complex sales cycles, and sales reps who are expected to ramp up quickly to hit their numbers, even as time for training is growing more scarce.

For sales leaders it’s been an all-consuming battle for survival that seems to be perpetuating itself. And when we’re so busy trying to survive the day to day, we don’t have the cognitive bandwidth to be proactive, make the necessary connections to coach sales reps effectively, and address broken processes and other glaring issues.

These are mission-critical issues, but we don’t have to completely reinvent the sales organization to solve these challenges. What we need to do is to get back to the core, that common element that impacts everything we do and the results we achieve at every step: mindset—the way people prefer to think.

Frequently, the focus is only on behavior, rather than the thinking behind the behavior. Focus on behavior may create short-term results but they don’t stick. That’s why we need to take a closer look at the engine that drives our sales results over both the short and long term: the brains of those who make it happen and the systems they engage to achieve those results.

How does thinking impact sales leadership in particular? Consider the typical types of thinking required of sales leaders on a daily basis. They may have to move in rapid-fire succession from dealing with a client issue to handling a sales rep’s pricing request to putting together a long-range revenue forecast. We know that everyone is overloaded these days, but the specific, moment-to-moment thinking shifts required of sales leaders can be especially jarring.

The problem is, we often move between these vastly different mental tasks without shifting our thinking approaches to match the needs of the job, and that’s keeping us from getting the results we need.

This thinking dexterity can be developed when there is a system and tools to measure and understand it. And precisely because sales leaders and their teams touch on so many areas, if they learn how to stretch their thinking when necessary, they will be able to achieve dramatic and far-reaching results.

Our newest white paper is the first in a series of papers discussing the specific needs of Sales. It explores how sales leaders can develop their own Whole Brain® Thinking skills and organize current processes and people development strategies around a common set of tools and methods derived from what we know about thinking preferences and performance. It also lays out a framework that will save sales leaders time, money and energy while creating the increased speed, skills and productivity necessary to close deals faster and generate more revenue.

Download your copy today!

Future papers in this series will explore other areas affecting sales results, including how to optimize sales reps’ thinking to align with the business and decision-making needs of their clients.

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Get a Free Consultation with a Herrmann International Expert to Optimize Your Sales Thinking for 2012

Is your sales organization operating at its peak? Do you have the systems in place to ensure both short-term and long-term growth? Are you overlooking any key areas?

We’ve been celebrating our 30th anniversary with special promotions throughout the year, and we’ve saved the best for last!

For our 4th quarter special, we’re offering a free one-hour phone consultation with a Herrmann International expert to help you assess your sales operations and discuss:

Complete this form to enter to receive one of five free consultations that will be awarded each month during the fourth quarter (October, November, December). Everyone who enters will receive access to a free download with three tools sales leaders can use to begin optimizing their thinking for long-term growth.

Start 2012 with your sales thinking optimized for results! Enter today.

Five winners will be selected each month:

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Upcoming Events: Executive Breakfast, HRPS

Executive Breakfast
Doing More With Less: Making Learning Work in Today’s Challenging Climate

Join your colleagues in the Washington, DC area for a rare gathering of pioneering thought leaders, authors and experts in the learning industry.

Everyone is struggling with the conflicting demands of today’s business climate: We need to prepare people for new responsibilities and deliver learning with lasting impact, yet we have less time and money than ever to make it happen.

It’s a tough challenge, so we’re taking it to the experts.

This unique networking and roundtable event brings together in one room three of the industry’s premier thought leaders to discuss how you can get the learning results you need even when the business environment is putting up roadblocks at every turn.

From time and budget pressures to multigenerational workforce considerations to filling critical 21st century skill gaps, panelists will address the top issues learning leaders are dealing with today. You’ll take away practical approaches you can immediately put into action to mobilize your people, processes and strategies for a significant competitive advantage in 2012.

Doing More With Less: Making Learning Work in Today’s Challenging Climate
Date: Friday, October 21, 2011
Time: 8:30 am – 11:00 am
Place: Tower Club, Tysons Corner, Vienna, VA
Registration: Pre-registration is required. Register online.
Continental breakfast will be provided.

Panelists Will Include:
Scott Eblin, President, The Eblin Group
Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO, Herrmann International
Beverly Kaye, CEO, Career Systems International

There is no charge for this event, but you must pre-register to attend.

Seats are limited. Reserve your spot today by registering online or by contacting your Herrmann International client representative.

HRPS 2011 Fall Forum

October 23-25, 2011
The Westin Arlington Gateway, Washington, D.C.
Stop by to see us at Table 13 in the Exhibits Area.

We hope to see you in DC this October!

Be sure to check our Calendar for the latest event news.

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Recent News on Thinking and the Brain

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Upcoming Certification Workshops

You'll be integral in driving better results through better thinking when you join the ranks of the Herrmann HBDI® Certified Practitioners.

Herrmann HBDI® Certification
October 25 – 28, Dallas, TX
November 1 – 4, Ottawa, ON, Canada

For detailed location and registration information, please email or call 800-432-4234 and select option 6 for Client Services.

Did you recently attend a certification workshop? Be sure to complete your practicum to become fully certified, and then use your certification coupon to get your implementation off the ground!

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